London pubs

Great London Pubs No. 2: The Prospect of Whitby

The Prospect of Whitby is London’s oldest riverside pub – the pub site dates back to 1520. The original flagstone floor survives and the pub also has a rare pewter-topped bar, as well as old barrels and ships’ masts built into the structure. The pub has great views over the Thames, from the beer garden […]

On Being A professional Writer 9: The Research

How many rounds do you order if you’ve gone to the pub after a work event? My general rule of thumb is; if there are three of you, that’s one round each, making three pints, which is perfectly sociably acceptable. If you decide to go to a fourth round, this could lead to everyone completing their […]

London Trivia No.2: Corner Pubs

Why are London pubs so often situated on corners? Landowners controlled large pieces of land and worked with developers through the leasehold system. The landowners let plots out to the developers, who paid for the construction of long terraces, and the developers borrowed to pay construction costs. The pubs, therefore, were built first in order […]

Can The UN Save London Boozers?

The traditional London pub has long been a cultural institution, but every week one closes. Cheap supermarket beer, wine bars and the economic downturn are all being blamed, but the real fault lies with the chain breweries who don’t look after their properties and rapacious developers. They’re perfect for snapping up and flogging off as […]