Locked room mysteries

Death Under Lock And Key

Meet the king of the keys… He was the bard of the barred, the lord of the locked-up, the king of the keys. Robert Adey worked what I could only call an extreme niche of the murder mystery writing trade. Throughout his life (he died in 2015) he had collected notes on his particular area […]

Further Secrets Of Bryant & May Part 1

Writers don’t always know exactly what they’re doing; the subconscious steps in when the logical brain checks out. It sometimes takes an outsider to see more clearly. I recently received this appraisal of my detective duo on thelockedroommystery.com, an erudite site that takes in-depth looks at its particular specialised area of mysteries. In the process, […]

The Key To A Great Mystery

When it came to filling in the Crime Writer’s Association form for which sub-genre of crime I wrote in, I had to stop and think for a minute. I suddenly felt like Hamlet and the players discussing types of play; comedy-pastoral-allegorical and so on. What was I? Not procedural, that’s for sure, not cosies either, […]

A Locked Room Mystery

My friends over at the ever-excellent Londonist are adept at finding things I didn’t know about right on my doorstep. This time it’s Hinthunt, a pop-up live game service that locks you in a room and defies you to escape within an hour, following clues and puzzles before the countdown is over. Up to five […]