Leslie Nielsen

Goodbye Again, And Don’t Call Him Shirley

I had the great pleasure of writing audio scripts for Leslie Nielsen many times, first on ‘Airplane!’, then most enjoyably on the ‘Naked Gun’ movies, where he played the deadpan hopeless detective Frank Drebin. Canadian Nielsen died at 84 some while back but news of his death trended again this week – WTF?  Nielsen had […]

How We Sound (And Why It’s Funny)

A good actor can make an ordinary line sound better than it reads. Years ago, I worked with Kenneth Williams, who kindly sat with me for a while to discuss how to get the best out of words. He was meticulous about the crafting of sentences and where to place intonations, but it clearly came […]

Shirley He Can’t Have Died?

Sorry to hear that Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen has died at age 84. I had the privilege of working with him three times, creating spoof scripts to launch the ‘Naked Gun’ films. (UK poster line: ‘The comedy that goes off in your trouser pocket.’) Although he was profoundly deaf and wore discreet hearing aids, he […]