La La Land

Why The Year’s Most Awarded Movie Will Be A One-Off

No Spoilers I liked ‘La La Land’ but I can understand why there’s a back(whip)lash going on in this most hated and moribund of genres. It looks as if the film is set to sweep Baftas and Oscars this year (with ‘Moonlight’, I hope), which in the last couple of months has meant a green […]

And The Next Creative Trend Is…

If you try to jump on a bandwagon, lead times usually mean that you’ve already missed it – the carnival has passed. But certain trends do emerge that can catch your creative project and lift it up, if you happen to hit at the right time. We’re none of us clairvoyant, but there are cyclical […]

Upcoming Movies: ‘Arrival’, ‘La La Land’

No spoilers Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Arrival’ is big-budget SF that starts pretty much where ‘Close Encounters’ ended. The first five minutes establishes that 12 gigantic space vessels have appeared around the earth, and we now have to figure out how to contact them without getting our heads blown off. Why have they come here – and why […]