Can The Kindle Bounce Back?

When e-readers were first introduced, book lovers reacted as if it was the end of the world. Despite the fact that many early e-readers were badly made and connected to poorly organised online booksellers, paper books were suddenly feared as dead as investigative journalism and independent fish shops. After struggling with various models including a […]

Let’s Get Digital

When I meet readers who won’t touch digital books I usually say ‘It’s not an Either/Or thing – you’ll still love physical books just as much.’ But not all electronic devices are created equal. The Kindle dominates because it’s cheap and easy to use and offers the widest range of books, although I’ve never worked out […]

E-Readers Set To Beat Books

Every morning I’m locked in a cell and forced to extend my social reach for a couple of hours, twimbling about on this website and on other media nets, and have long used Facebook as a sort of silliness catchall – largely for the shop windows I have a habit of snapping on my travels. […]

‘You’ll Hurt Your Eyes Reading’

 ‘I’ll hurt yours in a minute,’ was Tony Hancock’s succinct reply when told this by Hattie Jacques. But e-reading has been suggested as causing new levels of eye strain for all of us. Since starting to read on an iPad, I’ve experiences serious eyestrain problems which don’t improve even when I turn the light to […]

The Future Is Knidle

I remember seeing ‘Thunderball’ for the first time and thinking, ‘Oh My God, the jet pack is finally here!’ In those days, Cubby Broccoli’s 007 movies only showcased stunts and devices that actually existed, which was why they were so thrilling. By the time Bond was riding tidal waves and driving through ice palaces it […]

The Big Switch

It’s small, grey and fugly, and it’s everywhere. It only took two years for the Kindle to take over. When it was introduced, customers started switching to e-reading almost at once. And now they’re now buying more ebooks than all the UK hardcovers and paperbacks combined. According to figures released by Amazon, since the start […]

The Randomness Of Posterity

Every generation has its great books, its key theatre and best films. Theatre is chosen on merit and performance as well as popularity (witness the huge success of ‘Jerusalem’), films have money thrown at them by studios and some stick (so that a film as godawful as ‘This Means War’ can still do respectable business) […]

Why The Kindle Doesn’t Fit The Crime

Having finally succumbed to a Kindle, and reluctantly agreeing that it’s better (if uglier) than the sleek steel Sony eReader, there remains one massive obstacle for me to overcome. It has no riffle-factor. If you read long novels which are quite complicated (try David Mitchell’s ‘The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet’) it’s impossible to […]

Grey Piracy On The High e-Seas

According to PocketLint, older ladies are turning to piracy to download books. Almost one third of all tablet users download illegally, but the market is deepening as older adopters come on board and get to grips with book nickage. Personally I’m amazed anyone can be bothered to work out how to illegally download a book. […]

Kindle Becomes Kindling

Having seen the iPad it becomes pretty obvious where you can stick the Kindle. It’s dead, gone, flushed away. Except that the iPad is really big to carry around, and as I already travel with a dedicated high-gig iPod, an iPhone and a MacBook Air, plus all the requisite charging cables, I’m going to end […]