‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’

Strange Goes From Strength To Strength

We are now four episodes into the lavish BBC version of Susanna Clarke’s award-winning ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’. It continues to get to the meat of this huge trilogy, drawing out the core of the story in a way that’s far more successful than the BBC’s adaptation of ‘Gormenghast’, with its soap-star casting. Here, […]

Divided By A Common Language

Back in 1951, Powell & Pressburger didn’t make a film called ‘Pandora & The Flying Dutchman’, but everyone thought they did. The film has the odd ethereal feel of one of their miraculous lightning-in-a-bottle movies, as Ava Gardner and James Mason find redemption from their respective mythologies in the present-day Riviera. The interesting thing is […]