Joanne Harris

Dear Diary 1: I Hate Your Perfect White Pages

I expect my readers to be a little smarter than average. Dear Diary, it’s Friday August 6th, and I’ve started feeling like Joan Crawford trapped in Bette Davis’s house in ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane?’ But at least she got to be in Santa Monica. I’m in King’s Cross. I am a prisoner. The Prisoner. […]

Me & Joanne

Both Joanne Harris and I started in the rougher end of murder and mayhem. She began writing with ‘The Bad Seed’ and ‘Sleep, Pale Sister’, two darkly horrific novels. I began with books like ‘Roofworld’ and ‘Spanky’, mixes of dark satire, fantasy and horror. We have both tackled other genres, Joanne with ‘Runemarks’, me with […]

‘Roofworld’ And ‘Spanky’ Are Both Back

‘The lightness of the author’s touch conceals an underlying narrative of alienation,’ fellow author Joanne Harris says about me, adding, ‘perhaps this is why, in spite of having won countless genre awards, he has never received the mainstream acclaim he so deserves. Perhaps it is the sheer scope and variety of his output that continue […]

An Iron Fist In A Chocolate Glove

Not long ago, Joanne Harris’s earliest novel that came to my attention, back in the days when I was writing for Time Out, was re-issued. Until I re-read it, I’d forgotten how much it had changed my view of her work. Here’s part of what I wrote for that re-issue; I sometimes think that people […]

You’re Invited to ‘The Burning Man’

One reader points out, ‘You’re running an authors website, how about some book news?’ Fair point well made. Okay, first out of the gate for 2015 is ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’, which inconveniently launches on my birthday, March 26th (inconvenient because it turns out there was a secret restaurant booking made some […]

What Does A Publishing PR Do?

Publishing PRs can be a bit of a punchline; there are plenty of jokes about posh girls called Daisy or Emma looking to fill the time between finishing school and marriage to a trustafarian, but in reality a good PR is worth her weight in diamonds (they’re usually women, although I know a few male […]

The Flaws That Hold Us Back

Every writer, no matter how brilliant she or he is, eventually becomes aware of the flaws in their work. They’re usually things we can’t do much about because they stem from our personalities, and going against the grain is very difficult. JG Ballard and Arthur C Clarke have often been criticised for not writing more […]

Words & Music

I’ve been talking to writers about how we create prose, and a common subject has emerged. But let’s not talk about money today. It seems most of us write to music. Joanne Harris tells me she was in a band, and has a strong musical ear for prose. China Mieville and Iain Banks both mentioned […]

Blessed Are The Listmakers

…for they shall appear in January newspapers. In that spirit, here are a few things I liked from last year. Films With The Words ‘District’ Or ‘Nine’ In District 9 District 13: Ultimatum Nine Horror/ Fantasy Films Let The Right One In Franklyn Triangle Zombieland Orphan (for that twist) Moon The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus […]