Jeremy Clarkson

The View From Jeremy Clarkson’s Window

Oh, how we laughed. Right-wing petrolhead and anti-environmentalist Clarkson is going to have a recycling tip at the end of his garden. Well, not quite that close, but his NIMBYism has kicked in after discovering that his posh little country enclave might be compromised by a recycling plant, placed there by Lord Chadlington, a close […]

Guilty Pleasures

We’ve been talking about what the general public chooses to read, see and do (see Simple Dismal comments). It’s incredibly important for anyone working in the public arena to understand that the public does not like what we may like, and to understand why. ‘Popular appeal’ is a phrase that holds a lot of meaning. […]

Let’s Have Some More Lists!

And while we’re on the subject, here are… Eleven Things I never thought I’d live to see; Water being sold for £1 a bottle under the label ‘Portable Hydration’. A popular television show that consisted of uninteresting people bickering and sleeping. Anti-Semitism returning after the horrors of the war. Football being derailed by the players’ […]