J G Ballard

Q&A 2

Some more answers to your questions, starting with one from yesterday’s comments (and another cheesy shot of me at some thing). Where is the best place to steal ideas from and get away with it? Film, book, TV, radio or a particular source/place/author. The answer may infuriate you. When I’m working on the main drafts […]

Predicting The Future From The Past

The science fiction author JG Ballard predicted that writers would soon become obsolete. They would be like Victorian stock characters, with no discernible purpose in the world. He suggested that given external reality is now a fiction, you don’t need to invent it anymore. It’s an idea echoed by Adam Curtis, a Ballardian documentary-maker, here; […]

Could Novellas Be The Happiest Medium?

We know that people in the work force don’t have enough time to read as much as they did. Through school and after retirement reading is in fine shape, but the biggest loss is male readership between 20 and 50. Crime reading is now largely driven by women, SF has lost ground, being traditionally male, […]

I Am Vladimir Nabokov

Actually, I’m also James Joyce and David Foster Wallace, whoever he is. Yes, I succumbed to the ‘I Write Like’ website that analyses your prose and tell you who you’re like in prose style. I Write Like, designed by software developers Coding Robots, lets you paste in a section of your prose and analyses your […]