Ira Levin

The Openings Of 5 Great Suspense Novels No.1

I have to review a lot of thrillers. Many start out with a paragraph describing the weather. They go in the bin. Others starts with a cop pulling on a cigarette and staring at a dead body. Just as predictable as the weather – bin. But it shouldn’t be like this, particularly in a thriller. […]

When The Suspense Kills

Ah. There you are. Only I’m not. I’m in Greece, travelling around for a few days, but I have intermittent WiFi on my MacBook Air, which weighs only a fraction more than an iPad and is a proper computer. While I’m here I’ll be working on two new projects outside of the Bryant & May […]

Your Favourite Thrillers

I’m researching for my next novel, which will be a thriller, and it’s a very different discipline to writing mysteries…so here’s a question – what’s the most exciting thriller you’ve ever read? I’d place Ira Levin and Robert Harris in my top ten, along with the early Michael Crichtons. Few people remember that Levin wrote […]