You Can Be Different – Just Not Too Different

I’ve always returned to London because it was just so damned different to everywhere else, but when I walked into Leicester Square yesterday and saw that the entire centre garden had been swallowed up by something called ‘the Disney Cinderella Experience’ my heart sank. First, it’s that word ‘experience’, tacked onto everything. Then there’s the […]

The Scent Of Roses

Here’s a story I developed out of an idea in ‘Hell Train’. It’s in the latest issue of the very excellent ‘Black Static’ magazine, the sister mag to the equally terrific ‘Interzone’. The story worked out rather well, I thought, but don’t expect to see it in a future collection, as publishers don’t seem to […]

The Curse of Science Fiction

Some friends of mine recently restarted Michael Moorcock’s classic SF magazine ‘New Worlds’ as an online subscription mag, and encountered the usual prejudices that seem to bedevil SF literature. They commissioned work from a number of authors (including, rather bravely I thought, me, with a new story called ‘OFF’) but are struggling to hit the […]