Independent On Sunday

My Obituary

So they’ve closed their doors after 26 years. The Independent on Sunday was conceived as a writers’ paper, but over its 26 years it built a reputation for its strikingly individual tone and balanced liberal stance. It was the first quality Sunday to go compact in 2004, but even before that it was at the […]

Missing Marvels

As many of you know, for several years now I’ve been running a column called ‘Invisible Ink’ in the Independent on Sunday about authors who wrote the popular books which have vanished from bookshelves. Every once in a while I update my favourite ‘missings’, so here’s the current revised list, and you can find more […]

The Lives Of Writers

A shameless plug for the Independent On Sunday today – I write each week about the easily lost works of writers, and this is part of this week’s column. Eventually I hope to gather them altogether into a book under the column’s new title, ‘Invisible Ink’. For the rest of it, see the Indie. Few […]

Unforgotten Authors

My ‘Forgotten Authors’ column has lately reappeared in the Independent On Sunday (this week – Virginia Andrews!), which, after a few emaciated months, has finally expanded its books pages. The paper’s still visually a mess but its content can’t be faulted, and the expansion once more makes it a viable and excellent-value Sunday read. Sometimes […]

Lantern Jack

I’m pleased with Matthew Green’s illustration commissioned by the Independent On Sunday for my Halloween story Lantern Jack – so few illustrations (as opposed to comps) get produced today. There’s another on the next page, too. It’s great that a national newspaper still values fiction enough to run stories. The tale will go into my […]

Lantern Jack

I didn’t grow up with Halloween – it seems to have been imported into England some time in the late seventies but hey, pumpkin ravioli works for me. When the Independent On Sunday asked me to write them a spooky Hallowe’en story I realised the only spooky thing I knew about Halloween was the movie […]