Re:View – ‘Interstellar’

NO SPOILERS – FIRST HOUR DISCUSSION ONLY! A friend I love but whose taste is suspect complained to me last week that ‘Interstellar’ was three hours of his life he’d never get back. I loved every minute, but during the comedown afterwards I was hit with the ‘Interplanetary Ming-Mongs’. ‘Interplanetary Ming-Mongs’ is a device named […]

Come The Digital Revolution

There was once a TV show, younger readers, called ‘Tomorrow’s World’, which showed what might be waiting for us around the corner. Except that for all its breathless excitement, it usually managed to emphasise the wrong things. The quiet, boring stuff to do with pipes and lenses was what really revolutionised the world, not lenticular […]

Christmas Viewing

This winter there’s simply too much to do in this city – and a lot of the good stuff is insanely expensive. However skating remains fairly cheap, and there are no less than 15 rinks in central London this year (including Somerset House, pictured), which means less crowding. There are also loads of Christmas markets, […]

Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard

There’s been a lot of talk recently about awards going to books with comedy elements. The Booker, always famously po-faced about its selections, is lightening up – so is comedy finally to be accepted as a valid artistic tool? I’m a proud past winner of the Last Laugh award for the year’s best comedy crime […]

Did The UK Benefit From A Film Council?

It takes a comedian, Stewart Lee, to point up one flaw in the Cameron idea of businesses replacing state partnerships (not avery original idea, either, Dave). As he puts it, ‘Businesses’ bankrolling comes with caveats. It’s easier to lure company money to fund a monkey sanctuary than to secure it for a study of intestinal […]

Re:View – Inception

No Spoilers In 1984, Dennis Quaid starred in a shonky FX thriller about a man who could enter other people’s dreams called, appropriately, Dreamscape. It featured a fight with a giant snake-man on (I think) a train, and had a plot like Swiss cheese. Now comes a reboot of that idea with the full bells […]