Iain Banks

Assessing the Legacy of Iain Banks

After his tragic death at the age of 59 from gall bladder cancer, tributes have poured in for Iain Banks. This is what happens when a British writer dies (I know he was Scots Nationalist, but until the state decides otherwise he was technically British). It’s amazing how few innovative writers are appreciated in their […]

Iain Banks Not Dead: Official

Iain’s trademark black humour has been in  full force lately. I first heard that he was extremely ill some weeks ago, when he texted several friends with the news and made some cracking jokes about his mortality. I’d met him a little while back, and we went for a drink. Now the Scottish SF author […]

Words & Music

I’ve been talking to writers about how we create prose, and a common subject has emerged. But let’s not talk about money today. It seems most of us write to music. Joanne Harris tells me she was in a band, and has a strong musical ear for prose. China Mieville and Iain Banks both mentioned […]