We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday Part 1

I’m doing some research and thought yu might like a brief history of English holidays. The summer holiday can be traced back as far as 1626, with the discovery of a spring at Scarborough. Drinking sea water was thought to be a cure for gout, and men and women bathed together naked. Before the First […]

It’s All Gone A Bit 1952

Union Jacks – they’re everywhere you look this week. Carnaby Street has a cool glittery one which only reads as a flag when you reach a certain angle, like the Channel Four logo. Liberty has one made of flowers, Aquascutum one made of diamonds, and they’re appearing in ethnic colours and in shop window displays […]

Leaving London

This is the view from the coffee shop I blog from, the excellent Gran Sasso on Cally Rd. The bottom one is where I’m going. Yes, it’s goodbye to King’s Cross for one week and hello to the Aegean, where Europe’s favourite bankrupt holiday playground is just about to enter high season, signified by hotels […]

Coming Home (but not just yet)

I’m the first person to tell you how much I love London, but there’s one day I dread around this time. I know it’s irrational, but coming back from holiday is a bit more horrible every year, and this year will be the worst. I’ll spend several lifespans at airport check-in behind a sunburned hulk […]