The Art Of Suspense

What’s the art of suspense? I’ll tell you later. In the 1950s, suspense novels and suspense cinema, largely driven by Hitchcock, became very fashionable. Nowadays we rarely find it in films because it requires an unusually slow trajectory, with a long build-up before the slingshot of a defining event which must perforce break the spell […]

Movie Likes & Dislikes

Remember when Amelie Poulain got bothered by the way drivers in movies looked at their passengers without watching the road? I have that problem with so many scenes in films. I don’t mind if a film doesn’t quite make sense (I’ve seen ‘Bullitt’ at least a dozen times and still don’t quite get the plot) […]

Re:View – ‘Hitchcock’

It’s academy season, which means a movie a night for many of us. It’s not often you get to grill Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Anthony Hopkins, but last night, crammed into a tiny preview theatre in Soho, a few of us did after the screening of ‘Hitchcock’. If a film is poor then this […]

Films Revisited: Number 1

This piece is about the difference between suspense and mystery. It’s BAFTA month, the perfect time to be stuck at home sick with a huge stack of screeners. I try to see most on the big screen but there’s no way you can see them all. So, stricken with man-flu and feeling pathetic, I thumb […]