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Very Peculiar British Performers Part 2

Films often struggled to find places for performers who had been hugely popular on stage doing variety in places like the Hippodromes and the Palaces. Frankie Howerd’s strange grimacing non-act of postures and false starts was utterly hilarious live (he seemed able to entirely dispense with a script) but was a tough one to fit […]

The Night Princess Diana Dressed As A Man

It looks like a Victorian coliseum. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a very odd pub, and has proudly been so for a very long time – most of my lifetime at least. Bear in mind that you’re within spitting distance of the Houses of Parliament, and the thought of drag queens on ceiling swings singing Gilbert […]

Dames: A Very Peculiar British Custom

Of all the things that take some explaining about British culture, one of the most complex and difficult is the traditional acceptance of drag. For as long as I can remember, men have dressed as women on national television, and have hosted family and kiddie TV shows. What’s always been unique about this strand of […]