Harry Potter

Stealing Ideas

When someone says ‘I have a great idea for a novel’, I get apprehensive; ideas are what we create as sentient beings, and don’t amount to anything until they reach corporeal form. So your idea remains an idea until it exists outside of your head in another form. Are there an infinite number of them? […]

A City Of Darkness Part 2

A new online store of rare photographs shows London between the wars from the air, its Victorian buildings of white Portland stone blackened by sooty smoke. Perhaps that wasn’t something Dickens had in mind when he wrote about London, but there’s truth in it; the city has a side that’s disreputable and rebellious, so of […]

Harry Potter Gets Another New Home

Between Harry Potter’s website and his studio tour, a rather more humble spot is being unveiled – the luggage trolley that sticks out of the brick wall on Platform nine and three quarters has been shifted around lately as King’s Cross station has been rebuilt. The problem is that wherever they stick it an immense […]

The Tourist Attraction Created By Tourists

Like 221b Baker Street, the fictional address of Sherlock Holmes visited by legions of disappointed fans, Platform nine and three quarters (calling it Platform 9.75 would be easier on a computer keyboard) was visited by fans of Harry Potter so often that Network Rail built them one, complete with a porter’s trolley sticking out of […]