Dialogue from ‘The Day Off’

‘The Day Off’ (see previous post) occupies a key position in the history of British comedy. Written by Galton & Simpson, who changed the face of TV humour by writing about the working class poor with more realism and pathos than anyone had previously attempted, they created the script at a high point in their […]

In Which I Meet Galton & Simpson

Last night I went to the National Film Theatre to see Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s missing Tony Hancock film ‘The Day Off’ performed live on stage, and found myself – as an incredible piece of luck would have it – sitting next to my comedy heroes, now in their eighties, who were interviewed after […]

The World According To Hancock

Some time back I wanted to write a book called ‘Everything I Know I Learned From Tony Hancock’, because the shows written by Galton & Simpson seemed to be filled with truthful (i.e. far from optimistic) lessons about life. Hancock’s life has been picked over until there’s nothing left, but not quite true it turns […]