The Devil Rides To Manchester

Tomorrow I’m in Manchester introducing ‘The Devil Rides Out’ on the big screen. In it, Christopher Lee takes a rare heroic turn as scholar and occultist Duc de Richleau, playing him with a dark elegance and intensity, in a trim goatee. He discovers that the son of a war buddy has joined a satanic cult […]

Dracula No Longer Missing Teeth

One of the reasons why there has never been a ‘definitive’ Hammer film collection available is that the rights were in such a spectacular mess that no previous owners of the company were ever able to fully unknot them. Worse, the films exist in different versions. The new owners of Hammer have finally got it […]

The Nightmare Of Collecting Hammer

After years of disastrous mismanagement, the revival of Hammer is finally something to be welcomed. I saw most of the later Hammer films when they first came out in double bills. After many years, some of the cut versions were restored and the films were issued on DVDs. But the so-called ‘definitive’ and ‘collectors’ box […]

Why I May Shortly Be Suing Hammer

More longstanding fans may remember I wrote a story called ‘The Master Builder’, in which a young woman finds a too-good-to-be-true apartment and is menaced by someone who is living in the apartment’s walls, either her handsome handyman or her boyfriend. It became a TV movie called ‘Through The Eyes Of A Killer’. Now look […]

The Glamour Of Hammer Returns

I worked on the rebrand of Hammer a few years back – their new logo was designed by my pal Graham Humphries, who you’ll find elsewhere on this site. Every time Hammer got sold, the new owners promised to restart film production and never did; they were after the back catalogue of classic films, but […]