Hallowe’en Horror Is Going To Be A Problem This Year

In these newly extreme times, the one area in which extremism hasn’t triumphed is in the arts. As we approach Hallowe’en I wonder how long it will be before the spectre of horror censorship rises again, and art that shocks is banned. If any serious film dares to address, on any level, the problems of […]

Hallowfawkes Week

I’m getting scary fatigue and there are still several days to go… Thanks to the confusion that now reigns between Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Night, we seem to have one week here in Central London when fireworks go off non-stop and the streets are full of people in peculiar fancy dress that’s neither one event […]

Phantoms By Firelight

The time: Wednesday 31 Oct, 7-9pm. The place: Blacks Club, 67 Dean St, London W1. The event: Phantoms by Firelight. Where better to celebrate Halloween than in the atmospheric old drawing room at Blacks, with its flickering fire and guttering candles? As dusk gathers around the eaves of the old Georgian house in Soho, and […]

The Curse Of Hallowe’en

It’s hard not to notice that there are no great horror films or books around this Hallowe’en, and a quick look into the crystal ball that is ImdbPro sinks the heart, for here is the roster of upcoming Hollywood horror movies to delight us in the near future. Frankenstein Dracula Poltergeist Evil Dead Carrie Dr […]

Now Haunting London

Well, this year sees an explosion in spooky London events as we abandon our great love of Guido Fawkes and instead buy black-and-orange plastic supermarket tat before heading off to zombiethons, Zombie Horror Camp in the Old Vic tunnels, horror shows (the Leicester Square Theatre horror anthology ‘The Hallowe’en Sessions’ written by Kim Newman and […]

British Trick Or Treat

I can see that Halloween works in America – I imagine trick or treating youngsters dressed up, collecting candy – but of course that’s not good enough for the anarchistic British, who are used to throwing fireworks about on Guy Fawkes night one week later, so on Halloween this year, my friend Maggie Armitage nearly […]

Halloween Dogs

Living proof that civilisation on Earth is now at an end. These people are called Soshanna and Randi, and they’re with their dog Casey. Casey is the one in the middle.