Green Wing

5 Of The Best Britcoms

Not sure why this subject came up; a discussion about writers producing continuous original work perhaps, and a love of cataloguing… A flawed, difficult young woman deals with her London family and romance. ‘Fleabag’ was a game-changer (although it eventually suffered from over-hype) with writer-star Phoebe Waller-Cates breaking the fourth wall and – in a […]

Why Is Comedy In Trouble?

In the last couple of years, comedy shows have lost traction. Very, very few of them are doing well. As the rules of online behaviour change and we become self-policing, it’s getting less and less acceptable to use stereotypes – now, much of this is good, but it makes comedy, which often falls back on […]

Worst. Seduction. Ever.

Someone, bless them, just uploaded this hideous moment from Green Wing where Dr Statham impresses Joanna with his sportiness in the hospital office from Green Wing, while she comes to the slow realisation that it may have been a bad idea to have encouraged him. I may post the sequel after she dumps him, and […]