World’s Rarest Tribes Vanish Forever

Explorers stumbled upon them in the jungle, strange creatures with painted faces and wild body coverings, speaking in languages no-one could understand – but now it seems they’re gone. Yes, the tribes of London have finally left the urban jungle. Goths, Rude Boys, Skins, Punks, Mods, Rockers, Psychobillies, Hippies, E-Gen, all vanished. Me, I was […]

London Tribes: Goths

Goths, bless ’em – along with punks, probably the gentlest and most misunderstood of the London tribes. They’re usually literate and smart and rather quiet except in their choice of bands, and seem to host a surprisingly number of trans-gender folk. The Goth stalls sold fantasy figurines, necklaces, black dresses, books and rather too much […]