Gleefully Back

Speaking of guilty (really guilty) pleasures, just when you thought ‘Glee’ couldn’t get any happier, here comes yet another superb mash-up in Season 2. I have mentioned this before, but good dialogue is not conversation, it’s artfully crafted language. Anyone who doubts this should watch Glee’s ‘Power Of Madonna’ episode, with its machine-gun wit and […]

Ten Utterly Vacuous Things We Need To Know About Glee

They say a good idea has a thousand fathers, but it will also get a moany piece in the Guardian by an embittered journalist – so the Glee backlash started this week with a hack who clearly hasn’t watched it complaining that she doesn’t get it. I have no snobbery about stories – I’ll read […]

The Power Of Popular Fiction

The major national book awards tend to be given to novels that can change the way we see the world – quite rightly so – but they’re often novels that the vast majority of readers don’t buy. Such is the demographic skew of the top reads that, if they’re making a powerful political point, it’s […]