Gary Indiana

Why There Are Fewer Original Novels…

Today’s column is a coalescence of several others I’ve been writing and thinking about for a while. It came to a head when I gave a speech at the Southbank Literary Festival about outsider status. I’d written before on the subject, but the speech introduced a number of outsiders from different centuries. The ultimates are […]

Toward More Meaningful Prose

It’s been said that nobody can set out to write something meaningful; you can only write what you feel passionate about and hope that it means something. I was struck by a recent quote from an author who said he ‘set out to write something important and got sidetracked into his career’.  We could ask […]

When Is A Writer Not A Writer?

Britain, it turns out, is virtually unique in filling its bestseller lists with ‘celebrity’ memoirs. Professional irritant Chris Evans (a radio DJ) currently holds the Number One book sales slot, with other Dostoyevskian masterworks by Katie Price, someone from X Factor and someone who was in Big Brother just behind. The publishers’ argument is that […]