Full Dark House

Why I Don’t Do Appendices

I only ever added an appendix to one Bryant & May novel – the very first one. I gave it up after that. I think I wanted to parody the entire practice but can’t quite remember now why I did it. Maybe I wanted it to prove useful for anyone wishing to locate that section […]

The Bryant & May Referendum

Referendums are all the rage these days, the trick being to abide by the results even when they’re not what you expected and the result is discovering that your country may just have been well and truly boned, so I have one for you. It concerns an idea for a Bryant & May book. Quite […]

Backstories To The Bryant & May Books No.1

This is the start of a short series of backstories to the Bryant & May novels, explaining how I came to write them. Full Dark House My father was a scientist who worked in an experimental wartime communications unit. He and his colleagues were very young, and – it turns out – were working towards […]

Bryant & May – The Graphic Novel!

I may have mentioned (but probably not – you know me) that I’ve long been planning to write a Bryant & May graphic novel. The problem was that I couldn’t find the right artist. Most don’t manage to capture the right style. I wanted someone English purely because of geography – the books have real […]