Where Have All The Horror Films Gone?

Where as the horror film gone? A few years ago I took part in a panel on the subject at the height of the ‘torture-porn’ cycle of movies. Someone else on the panel regarded films like Inside and Martyrs as transgressive representations of the future of horror, while I saw them as a step backwards […]

Scottish Frights!

I’ll be appearing at Glasgow Frightfest this Saturday night, giving away copies of ‘Hell Train’ from the stage. There’s an amazing roster of films showing over Friday and Saturday, and stars are coming in from all over the place for what will undoubtably be a great event. I’ll be signing books afterwards, so if you […]

The Good, The Bad & The Inexcusable

Frightfest has become the largest and most successful event of its kind in Europe, and has scored more hits than misses this year. We’re now four days in and I’m burning out, although mercifully Chinatown is around the corner so we can hit the dim sum trail between ordeals. I’ve been avoiding the director Q&As […]

Frightfest Is Coming!

Frighfest, the annual August Bank Holiday horror bash, is entering its twelfth year and will be bringing more chaos to Leicester Square than the Cross-Rail roadworks have. My pal Graham Humphries is doing a tasteful minimalist jacket design for the Red Gloves books, and has just illustrated the new Frightfest poster with his horrible Brainman […]