Sold Out In London

London’s darkest months are lightened by the fact that the evenings contain the brightest sights. Last night, in the bitter chill of the West End I passed a zillion people queuing for the premiere of the new ‘Wizard Of Oz’ production, and almost every pub and theatre had crowds outside drinking and smoking (Britain being […]

Re:View – ‘Frankenstein’

Danny Boyle has recognised a key element in the Frankenstein myth in his dazzling new production at the National Theatre – it’s the only horror novel that has always appealed to women. In the pursuit of science, the Baron can’t relate to anything as natural as love and procreation, ultimately proving himself less human than […]

The Victorians Are Coming!

Victorians, don’t you love ’em? Empire builders, explorers, domineering Christians, closet cases, don’t you sneakingly miss them just a little bit? Well, Victorian times are coming back. First comes the news that rickets, the bendy-legged disease cause by a lack of Vitamin D and no sunlight, is making a return in Britain due to the […]