Last Riviera Report

After owning a house in France for ten years, a prolonged stay in England eventually leaves you longing for an escape plan again. My friend Polly says ‘run away and you run to seed’, and I see her point; the French Riviera, the Spanish coast, the Greek islands and Italy’s ‘Chiantishire’ Tuscan hills are overrun […]

Doing The Riviera

My brother said ‘You don’t have a normal life, you know.’ Being my brother, he says this without any jealousy or sarcasm, but with a vague sense of wonder and concern, as if he is commenting on a nature programme in which the animals regularly do odd things. He said this because I’m throwing my […]


Rather than snap the roller-skating grannies I went to see this, one of my favourite objects, a lightning-struck statue in the little garden of the Musee Picasso. I whipped up the coast by train to Antibes to find – it was open! This museum is the Brigadoon of art, seemingly opening to the public once […]

Nice In Nice

I’m in Nice for the weekend. For central Londoners, the South of France is easier to reach than Devon, and about the same price, and as I don’t have a household full of cars – or indeed even move my car, unless there’s a cat stuck under it – I don’t feel too guilty. The […]

Coming Back To London

Summer’s end saw me selling my house in France and moving back to London. I’ll miss many things, but one of them won’t be the culture shock of arriving back in King’s Cross. On my last return I bade farewell to my happy, healthy summer pals and dressed in grey once more. I spent several […]