A London Bookshop Cornucopia

If there’s one thing I miss when abroad, it’s the quality of English bookshops. As someone who has not watched live television since Winston Churchill’s funeral it’s important to know these places are still around. I miss the bookshops of Charing Cross Rd, most of which have been replaced by cake shops , but there are […]

My Favourite Big Stores

I judge my favourite stores by the likelihood of me going in there and coming out with something I hadn’t intended to buy. From that point of view, Selfridges and London’s flagship bookstore Foyles are impossible to beat, because there’ll always be something you didn’t know you needed. As a child, Hamley’s toy store, with […]

Bookshops VS Online: Who’s Winning?

If you write a book and nobody gets to hear about it or read it, was there any point in you writing it in the first place? I ask myself this after talking to a very talented writer friend who has repeatedly sold his excellent work to a small press company. They produce beautiful books […]

Hot ‘Wire’ In The Old Town

Just a reminder that on Thursday May 16th, Michael Moorcock, Peter Milligan, Mike Carey, Roger Langridge and I will be helping to launch TRIPWIRE 21 and an exhibition at Foyles in Charing Cross Road, London  at 6.30pm, price £5 / £3. I shall be attempting to avoid geekiness and hide my awe at the illustrious company and […]

How Writers Have To Choose

Yesterday, Amazon was accused by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee of bankrupting booksellers by using corporation tax avoidance schemes that made it impossible for them to compete. This is the latest skirmish in the war; Amazon’s publishing arm is also being challenged by established publishers. Last week the New York Times reported that […]

New Year, New Books

I’ll be appearing at Foyle’s bookshop in Charing Cross Road on Thursday 19th January at 6:30pm – 7:30pm, where I’ll be in conversation with Jonathan Oliver about ‘Hell Train’, then signing copies. Reserve your free tickets now as the Foyle’s events are always well-attended (this is more about the efficiency of the bookstore than my […]

London 1955

With recent talk about the Euston Portico being put back after British Rail knocked it down to replace it with a glass box, it’s worth looking at the original, although it would be nice to find a photograph in which it wasn’t covered in WW2 soot. While nowhere near as attractive as the St Pancras […]

Keeping Up Appearances

FYI, this week I’ll be reading around town, with an appearance at Foyles on Tuesday evening for ‘End Of The Line’ with Adam Nevill and Pat Cadigan (6:30pm kick off), then at the Green Carnation Award Read-Off at Gay’s The Word, Marchmont Street on Thursday evening at 7.30pm.