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More Backlist Publications & A Film Student Offer

  Although I’m currently at work on several new hardbacks, I haven’t neglected the electronic releases of my past books. I’ve been working with Penguin Random House to republish all the volumes which have been out of print for years, all with new introductions and covers, at low prices. So far available are Rune, Red […]

A Plethora Of Perverse Pleasures

Happy Autumn! It’s a bit of a bumper time coming up for me, with my earliest collections of short stories, ‘City Jitters’, ‘The Bureau of Lost Souls’, ‘Sharper Knives’ and ‘Flesh Wounds’ all due out as e-books on October 28th at low prices, then ‘Bryant & May: London’s Glory’ out in paperback on November 5th. Following […]