Fish Tank

Britain In Half-Light

Last year I wrote this about films like ‘Fish Tank’ and ‘The Selfish Giant’, and the cliches of British neo-realism. ‘Usually there are long-held shots in silent fields at half-light. Here the Midlands landscape is harsh and as alien as Mars, but the families are always the same – broken, illiterate, incontinent with  children, angry […]

The Same Old Story

Recently I mentioned the American director who’d had enough of staging safe, dull British theatre here in London, and how he is planning to leave for Paris. Now comes news that the BBC and Film4’s next big film projects are going to be…’Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’. It seems incredible that just when more and […]

Nostalgia Was Better In Those Days

Thanks Terenzio for reminding me about the ‘How To Be A Retronaut’ site, which has, among other wonders, amazing old colour footage of prewar London, plus some sinister ads and oddities. I don’t spend too much time wallowing in the past, but a great thing you can do on a rainy afternoon is head down […]