Has Terry Gilliam Made A Sequel?

Terry Gilliam appears to have made a virtual sequel to his underrated ‘The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen’. I just went to the cast & crew screening of ‘The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus’, Gilliam’s haunting, gutsy parable about the death of storytelling. It’s his finest film in a decade, and in many ways runs parallel to […]

My Top Ten Autumn Movie List

Ah, autumn! Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and watching movies in your dressing gown! It’s also awards season in London, the time when I get to vote on European, Independent and Academy movies. Here’s my top ten choice of new and older autumn comfort movies to curl up with. (I’ve just realised there are only […]

The Sixties Didn’t Just Swing

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are remembered as the driving force of the sixties, but there were also a lot of folk singers around, and I just stumbled across the title tracks for two forgotten movies from that period, both about highwaymen from earlier times. A very young John Hurt played robber Davey Haggart […]