The Return Of Mr Cool

Poking about in the musty basement of Vinmag House in Brewer Street yesterday, I came across this flyer and presumed it was for a long-gone event, but NO! It’s not yet happened! Having already had lunch with Hilary Dwyer from ‘Witchfinder General’ (and probably frightening the life out of her by reciting her dialogue lines […]


A sweet story in the news today about a yacht called Titanic sinking in the Caribbean. Three crew were rescued after one of them dialled from memory the number of a pal in Wales who serves as a volunteer on the local lifeboat. With their yacht listing badly, short of power and too far from […]

World Horror: What You Missed

The weather, of course, was contrary, but the events were hot and wonderfully strange. Most of the energetic talks and panels were crowded and had to be forcibly wrapped with the questions still pouring in. There was a surprise appearance by Neil Gaiman (spare a thought, though, for ace supernatural writer Jasper Kent, whose launch […]

Pan’s People

The Pan Books of Horror were Britain’s most influential collections of horror stories and ran from 1959 onward, producing volumes over the next thirty years. Toward the end of the run I was privileged to make it into the collections a couple of times. Now, the volume ‘Back From The Dead’ under editor Johnny Mains, […]

Back To The Pav

Every year the Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde Park is rebuilt from scratch by a new artist/ architect. After last year’s cool floaty minimalist glass sheets, this fire engine red baby is a welcome change. All the years have been rather colour-free (see past pavilions here).

USA VS Jamie Oliver

A Hub For Horror

Author threads have now been set up on the The British Fantasy Society board. The idea is to give authors a proper home/hub, and hopefully the BFS will prove to be the ideal place. You’ll find it here at; It’s under the Promote your Project section and called Ask the Author. It’s for members and […]

Don’t Go Too Far Away On Holiday – You Might Fall Off

There are those who believe man didn’t step on the moon. And those who remember that the first sentence uttered on another world was screwed up (despite NASA’s recent claims that the modifier was there all along, and Neil Armstrong said ‘That’s one small step for A man, and one giant leap for mankind.’). There […]

Collision Course For Crash – The Exhibition

The Gagosian Gallery in King’s Cross, London is currently presenting “Crash,” a major group exhibition that takes its title from the novel by JG Ballard. Ballard’s books remain among the most visionary, provocative literature of the twentieth century, with his ominous predictions regarding the fate of Western culture and his insights into the dark psychopathology […]

Hidden From View

With the arrival of the iPad, total shared communication takes a step closer, even though many tell us that the internet is still in its infant stage. Within my lifetime, an unimaginable amount of information has been made available to all, even though it has been accompanied by an equal weight of deceptive junk. And […]