End Of The Line

Tube Pranks

Pool party on the Circle Line! A romantic dinner for ten complete with table linen, candlesticks and a wine waiter on the Central Line! Twenty pink rubber nurses at King’s Cross! It all happens on the London Underground when you least expect it. Even with all those CCTV cameras, on certain evenings there’s an air […]

London – 16/11/10

Keeping Up Appearances

FYI, this week I’ll be reading around town, with an appearance at Foyles on Tuesday evening for ‘End Of The Line’ with Adam Nevill and Pat Cadigan (6:30pm kick off), then at the Green Carnation Award Read-Off at Gay’s The Word, Marchmont Street on Thursday evening at 7.30pm.

Down The Tube, Into Hell

There’s a ‘hidden places’ theme continuing this year – I’m getting some very respectable notices for ‘Hellion’, my first teen novel, which explores a forgotten London park and its nasty little secrets. Next comes ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’, with the senex detecs poking about below the streets, and after that a new short […]