Don’t Look Now

Shagged Out

Mrs Lovett (to Sweeney Todd) ‘My, you do like a good story, don’t you?’ Like Sweeney, I do like a good story. I admire depth of characterisation, mise-en-scene, twists and turns in a well-wrought plot. What I don’t much care for is all the f*cking. It’s not a new thing. I always felt like this. […]

The Story Workshop

After attending SlungLow’s arts workshops in Leeds last week I promised to put my notes online, so here is the essence of what I said – the idea was to inspire the young groups to write a scary story.   This is a crash course with a specific aim; finding a practical way to write […]

What’s Your Point?

There’s a scene in ‘Trains, Planes & Automobiles’ when Steve Martin rounds on John Candy and says, ‘Here’s a good idea; when you tell a story, try to have a point.’ It’s pretty good advice. Watching ‘Wild Tales’ the other night that simple idea was driven home to me six times in a row. Having […]

11 Reasons For A Winter Weekend In Venice

1. Virtually no tourists except nice sophisticated French 2. Murano Christmas baubles! 3. Much less smelly 4. Hilarious illuminated Nativity scenes 5. Mulled wine followed by hot chocolate 6. No queuing for museums & galleries 7. Vaparettos readily available 8. Desperate gondelieri touting for business 9. Tinsel on everything! 10. Can actually get room overlooking […]