Diamond Jubilee

Our House In The Middle Of The Mall

After the staggeringly awful weather for the Diamond Jubilee’s 1,000 boat river procession (it was exactly like that the day I got married), the sun came out for the concert. Londoners get a bit blasé about processions and tend not to bother – I could have walked down but hated the idea of being stuck […]

Read, White & Blue

On Tuesday the 5th of June I’ll be publishing a short story I’ve written especially to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’ll be putting it online here for you to download free, so that you can print it out and keep it should you so wish (there are actually people who do this!). When people […]

Wonka Applications Now Open

British residents can now enter a lottery for free tickets to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Buckingham Palace Concert here. Caution: May Contain Cliff Richard. It’s organised by Gary Barlow, who has now undergone a remarkable transformation from Boy-Band Sex Toy to the Vicar of Stiffkey.