Apartment Buildings That Look Like The Opening Of ‘Suspiria’

This is inside a not-untypical art nouveau apartment building in Eixample, Barcelona. As I walked through I half-expected a nubile girl’s body stuck through with slivers of glass to fall on a rope while Goblin drummed on the soundtrack.

I’m Not With The Brand

If I opened a toy shop selling coloured hoops, could I arrange them in the Olympic symbol without the design police kicking my door in and creating a veritable kristallnacht of my display? I’ve seen some very funny creative ways of avoiding the problem, least of all the range of shirts and bags bearing the […]

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond @ The Barbican

Designing 007 @ The Barbican, an exhibition of fifty years of James Bond clothes, sets and gadgets from all of the films is currently running in London. It’s a terrific show, featuring everything from Odd Job’s lethal hat to Ursula Andresss’s white bikini. There’s Ian Fleming’s gold typewriter, in a room filled with golden objects […]

Back To Our Routes

The first new Routemaster-style bus started operation yesterday in London, and inevitably Mayor Boris Johnson has come in for stick from all sides, with Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy complaining that each new bus costs £1.4m compared with the conventional double-decker bus, which costs about £190,000. While I’m certainly no fan of Boris’s, it […]

New Site Layout

I hope you like the new layout. Designer Simon Moore is still making tweaks, but I hope you’ll find much more information here now. I’ve added drop-down menus along the top of the page, making everything easier to navigate. Meanwhile, take a look at this if you haven’t already seen it. It’s called Architectural Projection […]