The Moisturizer’s Gift Guide

Apparently I have an online nickname – The Moisturizer – which appears to have been started by the writer AM Esmonde, and as you can’t stop anything that appears on the net I’m running with it this once. Well, you may have finished your Christmas shopping but I haven’t started and probably won’t until late […]

Make Somebody Disappear

Davenport’s Magic Shop has been mentioned before here because it’s one of the few things in London that’s still around from my childhood. It’s been going since 1898 and is now hidden underneath Charing Cross. It’s also running magic courses in small groups of up to 16 – the staff are great and there are […]

Real Bryant & May Locations: Nos 2 & 3

2. Camden Catacombs When I was researching ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’, I had a good rummage around under London, seeing how many odd places I could get into – the answer, post 7/7, is not many. Nearly all of the tunnels and passages I could access in my twenties are now closed off […]