crazy texting

Maggie’s Mind Lint 3

It’s been a while since we dipped back into the unhinged world of my dear friend Maggie Armitage and the stream of unconsciousness texts she sends me on a daily basis. Some of these are insightful. Some are simply as mad as an old man’s trousers. Maggie definitely invented the selfie years before anyone else […]

Maggie’s Mind Lint 2

So, following from the onslaught in the earlier part of that week, Maggie fired off a few more missives about her daughter leaving London to work in Europe, which I boiled down to extract sense from… Amber is very anxious about another adventure. Poppy and I with Amber we had a Brazilian meal near goodfellas […]

Maggie’s Mind Lint 1

Above front is Maggie when she was a bunny girl. That was a long time ago now. These days she frequently communicates by text. Texts are perfect for providing succinct updates, but they aren’t meant to be used like letters. Not just any old letters but unedited, longhand letters written in haste with a leaky […]