Grooving With Comics

My friend Michael A Gonzales sends me a site that should have all old-school comics fans salivating. You just click on the pages to expand and read. A terrific reminder of how energetic and exciting comics were before they had to carry the burden of social issues here.

Thirty Years Of Dirty

It’s hard to believe that Viz is thirty years old, and is now so venerable and respected that it’s having its own exhibition at the Cartoon Museum in London’s Bloomsbury. It succeeds because it largely remains a sort-of successor to Monty Python in its level of surreal shock, but if there was ever a test […]

Jeremy Clarkson VS Socks

It’ll happen again this Christmas. Millions of people will think ‘What would Dad like? Socks or a book?’ and because they’re not near a Marks & Spencer (if that’s possible in the UK) they’ll drift into a bookstore. There in front of them they’ll see a bewildering array of colourful covers – but wait! This […]

Comics 2:The Funniest British Shows

I find it hard to keep comedy out of the Bryant & May novels, but my sense of humour is very particular. Every decade has produced something wonderful, from Hancock to Python to Peep Show, and I’ve realised that while there were shows I hated (‘The Royle Family’) I best enjoy a surreal mix of […]

Comics: Not A Wise Move

As a new show about Eric Morecambe opens at the Duchess Theatre,it was revealed this week that the beloved British comedy duo almost ended before it really began. A letter from Ernie Wise surfaced stating “I want to get straight to the point. I want us to break up the act. I feel it would […]