Looking For The Funniest English Book Ever Written Part 1

Setting aside the aforementioned PG Wodehouse, who really deserves his own special shelf, I spent an idle moment searching my bookcases for the single volume I found the funniest. In this I was purely considering its comedy value, not social comment. I came up with this batch. Obviously ‘Vile Bodies’ by Evelyn Waugh is a […]

Smashing’s Back

I got a request to restore this item, whose link had expired. If anyone finds anything else they want restored from an old link, let me know. My memoir ‘Paperboy’ was set in the swinging sixties, but just how awful was that period really? Rather than study achingly cool (but charmingly strange) films like ‘Blow […]

The Strangest TV Show Ever Made

Where do you get your ideas from? Writers are frequently asked about the origins of their imagination. I grew up in the sixties, when creativity was king and demographics had yet to take a grip on writing. There was a lot of experimental work in the arts, not all of it successful, and as the […]

Up On The Roof

Living in Hollywood wasn’t fun – in fact, it was the most miserable period of my life. Sometimes you’d visit a place and think ‘Oh, that was in a movie’, but for some peculiar reason it was never as exciting as when I saw the chariot statues in Madrid this weekend and recalled this scene […]