It’s a Church, Not A Nightclub

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m not remotely religious – what you believe is entirely up to you so long as you don’t try to sell it to others – but I regard the churches of London as among its greatest treasures. And one of the pleasures of visiting a new city […]

A Small Joy

A London Sunday in mid-June, the weather threatening one moment, humid the next. After a luncheon at The Jugged Hare of bath chaps and langoustine, and a stroll through the arboretum in the Barbican, I find myself in St Giles-Without-Cripplegate, in the City of London, still one of the most deserted places you could be […]

Ancient England

The thought sometimes crosses my mind; If I still manage to find lost pockets of London, how many more must there be around England? A friend of mine who has regularly contributed to these pages, Jan Briggs, sends me details of Saxon objects that still cling on in the landscape of England. This Saxon baptismal […]

London Eccentricities: The Three Devils

St Peter Upon Cornhill is the oldest church site in the City of London’s Square Mile. In the nineteenth century its vicar, clearly a vindictive old sod, noticed that plans for the building next door extended by one foot onto church territory, so he forced the architect to redraw his design and added three leering […]