Christopher Walken

Walken Back To Happiness The genius of Christopher Walken belongs to the world. Here’s the wonderful mash-up of Christopher ‘Happy Feet’ Walken, that’s only missing his brilliant gravity-defying Moby dance, presumably because of copyright reasons. There are some films in here that I’m unfamiliar with – the pastry-chef thing? The Ming parody?

Re:View – ‘Seven Psychopaths’

Mental illness is nothing to laugh about. Except when Martin McDonagh’s writing about it, and as he’s set his new movie in LA there’s an awful lot of it about. McDongah’s black comedy ‘In Bruges’ was one of the most criminally underrated films of its year. Writer/director McDonagh’s background in theatre writing is matched – […]

Neglected Films No.7: ‘Brainstorm’

This column is about ‘neglected’ rather than ‘obscure’ films (if I started on those we’d be here all night), but ‘Brainstorm’ flopped in cinemas and has not been seen in its correct aspect ratio for years. However, Douglas Trumbull’s SF film has recently been released on Blu-Ray, although I returned to it with great trepidation […]