China Mieville

The Flaws That Hold Us Back

Every writer, no matter how brilliant she or he is, eventually becomes aware of the flaws in their work. They’re usually things we can’t do much about because they stem from our personalities, and going against the grain is very difficult. JG Ballard and Arthur C Clarke have often been criticised for not writing more […]

Cursed Are The Listmakers

I am afflicted with what I’m told is a deeply male disease; the need to collect, to catalogue, to alphabetise, to thematise, to build empirical data, to complete. It seems I share this with many other writers (far more than with artists, who are often happily disorganised). Today six writers had lunch – we hang […]

The Myth Of The Lone Writer

Once upon a time there was a garret, and in it sat a writer scribbling away, only to emerge once every three or four days gaunt and hollow-eyed to eat a few crumbs before returning to his lonely calling. Not any more. Thanks to social networking and writers’ groups, we now have busier social lives […]