Charles Wood

The Time Of Your Life

Look at the above photograph. Try to put a date on it. Clue: Drury Lane. Incredibly, this was taken just 19 years before I was born, in 1934. So, just up the road from this, the huge modern department store Selfridges had already been open for 25 years. Historical juxtapositions are always a shock, and something […]

Charles Wood, The Great Experimentalist

As Roger pointed out in Comments Section yesterday, Charles Wood had another problem as a writer – his plays were expensive to stage, which was fine when the UK put huge amounts of money into brave original theatre works but no good for modern times. Even when Wood worked on a traditional subject he still […]

Once He Was Hip. Why Did We Forget Him?

After the collapse of the Independent on Sunday I had always planned to do a book based on my ‘Invisible Ink’ columns that appeared there every week for ten years. The problem was finding the right format for it. Now the material is being reshaped and rewritten to expand beyond its original 400-word-per-column remit into […]