Charles Dickens

Minding Our Language

Me, I’m the master of the split infinitive, can’t spell ‘receive’ and still sometimes get confused about when to put full stops inside brackets, but other than that, my editor doesn’t have to waste much biro ink on me. Or should that be Biro ink? However, while I’m as exercised as anyone by signs like […]

The Forgotten Dickens Christmas Books

In a strange way, popularity was the worst thing that could have happened to ‘A Christmas Carol’. After performances by Charles Dickens himself, a long history of bowdlerised versions, parodies, satires and remakes eventually led to the Muppets, by which time the story’s fierce sense of social injustice had vanished. We tend to forget now […]

My Favourite Moments In Novels No.3

We need to talk about Dickens. There’s such a range of moments available to choose from (let’s not have the death of Little Nell or the bludgeoning of Nancy) that it’s quite impossible to narrow down the selection, so let’s have an opening, and it would have to be from ‘Bleak House’, simply because with […]

Charles Dickens at the Museum of London

This excellent exhibition is the first major Dickens show for forty years, and occupies the lower ground floor of the museum for the next six months. Included are the expected (Dickens’s writing desk, quill, letters, ledgers, annotated copies of books) and the unexpected (his velvet-covered lectern, a perfectly constructed object to read from, complete with […]