Campaign For Real Fear

The Winners of the Campaign For Real Fear

Well, the Campaign For Real Fear is over, and was everything we hoped it would be. The entries were smart, mad, trying, puzzling, disturbing and every stop in between. We doubled the number of winners and added seven Honourable Mentions because we simply couldn’t narrow it down any further. The big surprise in the statistic […]

Campaign For Real Fear: Ten Is Now Twenty!

We were going to get the Top Ten stories from the Campaign For Real Fear published by Action Audio and placed on Spoken Ink, but Simon Taylor at Action Audio liked our story selection so much that he is prepared to take your Top Twenty tales! Meanwhile, Black Static has promised to take the Top […]

In My Bad Books

I love reviewing books – you get to read a huge selection of terrific novels you’d never otherwise know about. I’ve discovered a large number of good new authors this way. Just lately, though, there seems to have been an equally large explosion of truly lousy writing. I mean stinking, reeking, Bulwer-Lytton level, semi-literate trash. […]

Campaign For Real Fear: The Eruption

Clear skies, hot weather – it must be the volcanic ash we’ve heard so much about lately. The Daily Mail is screaming about the end of the world, someone in the Shetland Isles apparently has a slightly sore throat, and the air seems clearer than I can ever remember. A perfect day for reading about […]

Poison Pens

As Britain vanishes beneath a layer of volcanic ash, the pound drops at the thought of a hung parliament and mediocrity sweeps the land, one bright shining beacon of excellence has guided myself and Maura McHugh – a mad last-minute burst of entries in the Campaign For Real Fear has pushed up the figures and […]

An End To All Fears

And so we enter our final week. The Campaign For Real Fear ends on Friday 16th April at 5pm – Maura McHugh and I will then choose the top entries for publication, so there’s still time to wreak 500 words of havoc on us. If you’ve only thought about doing so – here’s a tip: […]

The Campaign For Real Fear Gathers Pace

The World Horror Convention was a great place to spread the word about the campaign that Maura McHugh and I have set up to increase the diversity and range of modern horror stories. Now the Guardian newspaper is helping to encourage writers to put digit to keyboard in this article. We’ve had some truly tough-to-beat […]

Campaign For Real Fear Update

We’re well into the campaign now, and have almost half of our favourite 500 word epics chosen for publication – although if there’s a sudden burst of hot entries, we may have to revise the list. Just to recap, Andy Cox at horror magazine Black Static and Simon Taylor at Action Audio have both pledged […]

Horror For The Boys 2: The Campaign For Real Fear

Our nascent horror movement is beginning to grow, as the press is now starting to pick up on the issue of horror’s narrow focus of young white males thanks to the efforts of writer Maura McHugh, whose blog can be found here. We’re hoping to change the outmoded habits of the past, aiming for some […]