100 Architects VS Town Planning

I might have known – London’s most inept council is responsible for the pig’s ear that will be the redesigned King’s Cross Station. The miserable plan for the new square at King’s Cross has come about because Camden Council refused to allow any new structures, sculptures, water features or anything except the existing pavement. There […]

Camden Goes To Hell

Not so long ago Camden was a pleasing hippyish outland of canals, bookshops and antiquarians. Now every square inch of it it sells drug paraphernalia and t-shirts to tourists who are easily parted from their cash. The tube and town are so overcrowded that the locals hide at weekends – which is just as well, […]

Welcome To Smallpoxville

This comes via the ever-excellent Skip’s Acorn Treasury – Skip’s not his real name but I’ve forgotten what it is, although I did meet him at a dinner. I think he probably thought I was overexcited and annoying, as I become when I meet people I instantly like. Near King’s Cross is an area called […]

More Camden Horses

The horses of Camden Market are all new, and the project appears to be ongoing – certainly one of the blacksmiths is still missing his hammer – but there’s a lot of woodwork and metalwork going on in decorative friezes and benches, walls, fountains and staircases all over the market. It’s good to see that […]