Bryant & May Strange Tide

‘Strange Tide’ US-Style Is Out Today!

‘Is there anyone else in the crime genre currently writing anything as entertainingly off-the-wall as Christopher Fowler’s Bryant and May series? Fowler eschews all recognisable genres, though the cases for his detective duo have resonances of the darker corners of British Golden Age fiction. And if you aren’t already an aficionado – and have a […]

‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’ On YouTube

Bryant & May: The Shaping Of A Series

I’m currently working on the 15th Bryant & May novel, but it’s only now, this far into the series, that I’ve started seeing the shape of what I’m producing. As I have friends who are just starting out on reading the books I’ve been trying to see them through their eyes, and by that process […]

The Next Bryant & May Novel

After November 5th’s ‘Bryant & May: London’s Glory’, a selection of missing cases from the Peculiar Crime Unit’s files, there will be a new novel launching on March 26th 2016 called ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’. Here’s the outline… The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery. When a young woman is found […]